Prevent a Paper Jam in Under 30 Seconds


Paper jams do not happen often, but when they do, you are printing off an important document that is needed in a timely manner. Rather than kicking the printer into oblivion, try these known tips to help prevent paper jams.



1. Fanning The Paper during Humid Months

2. AVOID Fanning during Low Humidity Months or when Located in Arid Regions

When humidity is low during dry winter months, it is usually best not to fan the paper because it can cause static electricity and in turn cause the pages to stick together making it difficult for the printer or copier to separate each page.


3. Check the Paper Path for Small Pieces of Paper or Obstructions

If you have recently removed a paper jam, it’s possible a small piece of the jammed document is stuck in the machine. Inspect the paper path closely for any small pieces that could be left in the machine.

We hope these tips will help you get out of a jam!

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