Online Ordering

For clients who have an account set up, simply log into your account. Below shows you step-by-step directions to order toner and/or printing devices. If you do not have log-in credentials, Contact Us and we will happily help set you up.


1.  Click the Client Login tab at the right of the menu

2.  Log in

3.  Click “New Sales Order”

equip order - 1

4.  Click “Add Items…”

equip order - 2

5.  In the Find Items window, there are multiple ways to find an item by: (Equipment, Categories, Previous Orders, Items)

  • Click “Items” for available toner.
  • Click “Equipment” for available Printers/MFPs

equip order - 3 (toner)

 6.  After you have added  all desired items, click “Save”

  • Include a PO# if desired and any special comments regarding the order

equip order - 4

7.  It was that easy.

equip order - 5