The Paperless Office, Not Yet a Reality

The end of the printing age has not yet come, despite speculations. Although the worldwide page volume continued its slow decline in 2012, the world continues to print at a steady rate.

According to new research from International Data Corporation (IDC), worldwide page volume from digital hardcopy devices* decreased to 2.98 trillion in 2012 from 3.03 trillion in 2011, a decline of -1.5% year over year. IDC expects worldwide page volume to remain flat for the 2013-2017 forecast period.

While printing continues to be more accessible by mobile users, it boosts their ability to print. While many still don’t take know how to advantage of this capability (50% smartphone of owners and 35% of tablet owners), this will increase as it become more intuitive. According to IDC, more than 50% of smartphone and tablet users are expected to utilize mobile printing in the office by 2015.

So while our use of the printed page does seem to be slowly declining, the paperless office isn’t quite ready to become a reality.