3 Reasons Why You Made the Right Decision Switching to MPS

More IT managers find they don’t have to live with unknown and/or excessive printing costs. They turn their printing environments over to area experts. This simple change optimizes printing resources, saving money and relieving time previously needed for service and support.


Benefit #1: A Range of Choices

Managed print contracts come with a wide variety of options, but we begin with an assessment of your current infrastructure to determine exactly what the current equipment is and how much is costs.

This is usually the most surprising part. The tech analyst firm Gartner states, organizations spend from 1 to 3 percent of their annual revenues on printing. “But when you talk about how much they spend on print, they often don’t have a clue,” states Chris Iburg, director of managed print services for Xerox. “That includes how many devices they have and how the devices are being used.”


Document intense businesses benefit the most from switching to Managed Print Services:

  • Law offices, for example, may see a savings of 41 percent, according InfoTrends
  • Financial firms: expect an average savings of 33 percent
  • Healthcare organizations: 27 percent savings


Right sizing is the key — we turn the assessment data into an opportunity to find ways of eliminating unnecessary equipment. Also included, is an ongoing monitoring of printing volumes so devices are never low with toner or ink.

Routine maintenance on equipment and abilities to step in to fix any breakdowns that occur keep business running smoothly. A formal approach to managing the devices can be a catalyst for big cost savings and an increase in office efficiency, says Bruce Dahlgren, senior vice president for managed enterprise solutions at HP’s Imaging and Printing Group. The average Fortune 1000 company can save up to 700 metric tons of paper annually and reduce energy costs by up to 40 percent, he estimates.


Managed Print Services Benefit #2: Predictable Printing

  • Printing costs are more predictable.
  • You do not have to spend money to keep inventory for the equipment.
  • IT staff can use the freed time more wisely. We take care of any issues that may arise so you do not have too.


Managed Print Services Benefit #3: Hardware Consolidation

  • Rightsizing the print environment is a vital first step because most organizations maintain far more printers, copiers, scanners and fax machines than they need. We do this by recording monthly use volumes of each device.
  • After an analysis by a printing technology expert, we implement a more practical device per employee ratio. You not only save money by reducing ink/toner waste, but electricy bills are reduced as well.
  • More efficient hardware options, such as multifunction printers (MFPs), reduce cost without effecting efficiency. These combine a printer, copier, scanner and fax machine within a single device. Once expensive, MFPs are becoming more affordable options, workgroup models sell for under $700.
  • Industry estimates show that for every $1 spent on printing — for toner, ink and other supplies — organizations spend another $9 to manage the printing environment.