MCE Supports South Bend John Adams Athletics

adams eagles

MCE once again will be supporting John Adams Winter Athletics!  Their sponsorship dollars are being used to create the winter athletics sports schedule posters that are handed out to the student body and families.   

Good Luck Adams Eagles!!

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your friends at MCE 

MCE to Sponsor March Of Dimes

joncarlo-modMCE will be a corporate sponsor in this year’s March of Dimes. A number of the employees will also participate as volunteers. Family, friends and coworkers march to fund research for the cause and solution regarding early pregnancy. Premature birth includes infants born up to a year early, and effects approximately 500,000 babies each year. The March of Dimes campaign travels throughout the country raising awareness and encourages anyone to join.

Meet New Team Member: Charlie Lee

charlieleeHired:  Charlie was hired Wednesday Feb 19th, 2014.

DOB: 12/2/2013

Breed: Shorkie (shih tzu and yorkie)

Current Weight: 2lbs…. should be between 4 and 6 as an adult

Favorite Activity: Having his belly rubbed

Life Goals: To do as little as possible and to rule the world

MCE would like to announce the newest member of our team, Charlie Lee.

Charlie’s background is in Public Relations, which will help him fulfill his duties of keeping order in the office and keeping our customers happy. His main career goal is to stay awake long enough to lick everybody at least once during the day and to play a good game of tug-a-war. Charlie will be in charge of updating his blog (called “Charlie’s Chat”) which will include any office events or specials that we are running.

We encourage our customers to check back regularly to see what is new with Charlie and what he will be planning for the future. We hope that Charlie has a very happy and successful career here at MCE. We encourage our customers to stop by the office and introduce yourself. Charlie is always up for a good belly rub and to give a little advice on printing needs. and will be a full time addition to the office.

This tip can save you $50 to $150+ on your next Xerox Printer Order

English: Xerox headquarters in Norwalk, Connec...

You have babied your printer or MFP for months and now you have decided it is finally time to take the plunge and get a new model.  The timing of your purchase can save you $50 to $150+ depending on when you pull the trigger on your purchase!

Here is a little known fact that most consumers don’t know.  Each month  ( usually around the 20th) Xerox distributors will offer a “Xerox Floor Day”.    During these floor days, certain products will be available at meaningful discounts.  How much are these discounts?  It usually depends on the models, but the discounts can range from $50 to $150 up.   These floor days are usually not advertised, so if you are a savvy buyer, you can ask your dealer when the next Xerox Floor day and which models will be offered at a discount.  Take advantage of these discounts available to you and Happy Shopping!

For more information on Xerox Floor Day discounts, email  [email protected] or call 800-613-6667

MCE Sponsors Employees In Triathlon

For the second year in a row, MCE sponsored employee participation in a local triathlon on Sunday, September 29th.

The event this year was “Tri The Creek” at Potato Creek State Park.  The employees participated in the sprint which was a 500 meter swim, 12 mile ride and 3 mile run.

The weather was crisp and fall like and the rain cleared just prior to the event.   The water temperature was a cool 68 degrees.

When asking Tony Rincon how he felt about the event, he said “other than having to psych myself up for the cold swim, the temperature for the ride and run was ideal”.

MCE only had two participants this year, we hope for more in the coming years.

MCE encourages a healthy life style and supports these types of activities.

Simple Repair Before You Call For HP Plotter Service

English: HP color plotterPlotters or large format printers are specialized pieces of equipment. Not all service companies work on them, so the cost to repair these devices can be costly. MCE regularly services HP equipment and many times sees opportunities for the customer to extend the time in between service calls.

It is imperative that the print head carriage that disperses the ink be able to traverse thecarriage rail ( the long metal rod spanning the length of the printer) smoothly and without hesitation. Interruptions in the travel will cause print quality issues and can throw a paper jam message even when no jam exist.

A simple fix to this problem is to clean the carriage rail. This is done by first applying alcohol to a lint free cloth and removing dirt or material that has accumulated on the rail.

Warning: Power the printer down and be careful when cleaning the carriage rail.

There is a thin flexible encoder strip located just above the carriage rail. The lower edge of the encoder strip is very sharp and can cause injury if you rub against it while cleaning the carriage rail. After cleaning the carriage rail, apply synthetic oil to a lint free cloth and lubricate the carriage rail.

Cleaning and lubricating the carriage rail periodically will certainly extend the time between service calls and allow for trouble free printing. If this suggestion did not solve your problem and you need assistance with your plotter, you can chat with our technician through our Live Chat feature or submit a request.

Creatively resolving problems resulted in stronger relationship with client

We do business with a certain supermarket chain, a very important client. At one point some 10  years ago, they decided they would contract with a large office supply company for a variety of things including toner.

My IT manager contact at the supermarket said “Mike, there’s nothing I can do, we’re going to do this– the decision to buy toner is out of my hands. You can still provide service for us.”

I didn’t want to lose this account…

I have some very good employees; the average tenure is now over ten years.  As a team, we went into the war room and figured out how to create a win-win situation for our client.
During this process, the concept of managed print services  as an option for our customers was born.  So we evolved together. We figured out how to build a better mousetrap.

We presented a solution in the form of  bundled service and supplies…

The customer no longer had to pay for inventory or equipment repair on an a la carte basis, nor did they have to worry about managing their 100+ print devices.  The client gave it some thought. It took a little time, and decided it was a solution that would work.  Now we’ve forged a very strong relationship with them.

The beginning of a reinvention…

When we decided that we wanted to become a managed print provider, not only supplying toner, but completely manage the service and equipment  for our clients, many good things began to happen.  It has been 10 years since that watershed moment.

Key philosophy behind what we did…

We repackaged our sales and service in a way that made more sense for the customer. We call it our Total Print Solution (TPS for short). We now manage nearly 25 million print pages per year  (and climbing) under TPS.

We found that many clients are very eager to relinquish the headaches associated with ordering supplies, scheduling service calls and replacing broken print devices.  We simplified the process and took care of our customers’ need.  The net result is an offering that our customers love because it makes their lives easier!

Say No To Lexmark Upgrade

Lexmark Upgrades Can Lock End Users into Lexmark brand Toners

Recently reported by Static Control Components, On January 12th 2011, the Office of Fair Trading and the Trading Standards institute in the United Kingdom confirmed they are investigating complaints that Lexmark has upgrades that lock out third party remanufactured cartridges to those printers. (more…)

David: 1 Goliath: 0

David:  1  Goliath: 0

Have you ever tried to fight City Hall? How about the Federal Government? It is not for the faint of heart or for one that does not have staying power!

In 2008, MCE purchased a building at least ½ mile from the St. Joseph River and many feet above reasonable flood stage. In fact, I will go as far to say, if MCE were ever affected by a St. Joseph River flood, then the city of South Bend Indiana would cease to exist. (more…)