8 Steps to Choose the Best Printer for your Needs


I just need a printer that works when I want it to. There is a lot that goes into choosing the most efficient and cost effective printer for your specific needs. No one wants to overspend, but it can be equally as frustrating to buy a printer that can’t perform up to standard. Finding that middle ground, searching through countless reviews is time consuming and the specs all end up blending together.

Below I’ve written steps to help guide you to your soul mate.



  1. What operating system are you using? Make sure it is compatible with specified printer. (For example, Lexmark printers don’t support Linux)
  2. What kind of printer do you want? Does it need to be color, print fast, need scanner, have memory card reader, etc.
  3. What is your budget? Let’s be realistic.
  4. What features are important? Wifi or PictBridge capabilities, things essential to make this compatible to your needs.
  5. What do you need the printer to do? Is it for the occasional word document or web page, then an inexpensive laser printer would suffice. If you are going to be printing in quantity, that is a different story. If you want something that can do it all, a multi-function printer is where you need to be looking.
  6. Factors you may need to consider.
    • Resolution
    • Operating Cost
    • Speed
    • Size of printout and type of paper
    • Post-Script Fonts
    • Photo Quality
    • Network Enabled
    • Compatibility and Warrently
  7. Deciding if a Color Inkjet Printer is Right for you: If you are looking for high quality color photo output. Choose an inkjet based on the price of the replacement ink rather than the machine itself. The INK costs can exceed the price of the printer multiple times over. Look for color with individual colors rather than a single color cartridge.
  8. Deciding if a Laser Printer is Right for you: If you are planning on document printing. Toner cartridges are more cost effective and are replaced less.


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