3 Steps to Maintain Printer Performance

Here are a few tips to keep your printer happy and working to its potential.copier_choose_209x280_size11


Keep your Printers Clean

Dust or toner is the culprit to most printer related issues, including even electronic issues. One easy solution is to clean the inside of your printer when changing toner cartridges. Simply use a damp cloth or Q-tip to reach the machine’s nooks and crannies.


Record Recurring Service Issues

Service technicians will record their visits in a log, but a personal record is also helpful. Less than one in twenty communications failures is caused by a defective printer. Your computers and its network  are constantly changing. First check network and computer alternatives before moving onto the printer. If you have any questions, feel free to use the chat feature to talk to the service department.


Each Error Message is Unique

Common error prompts that printers send out include: PAPER OUT and PRINTER OPEN, reset errors such as 13 PAPER JAM and 51 SERVICE (beam detect error), and fatal errors like 50 SERVICE or 55 SERVICE. Each message is unique, so it is important to address them accordingly. Not all are major problems. If in need of service, simply include the exact error message for more optimized assistance.